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九段会館テラス 2022

​建築設計:鹿島・梓 設計工事監理業務共同企業体


写真:Lumimedia lab株式会社





Guided by the theme of light reflecting the landscape of Kudanshita, we designed lighting that would express the richness of water and trees, using such keywords as "surface of the moat," "cherry blossoms on the Ushiga-fuchi Moat" and "shade from trees in Kitanomaru Park."


Lines of light are installed all over the plaza, which rep-resents water, guiding people around the space, while spot lighting on poles installed between trees casts shadows in the shape of leafy foliage on the pathways, thus expressing an interplay of the water and trees.

The trees evoking the history of the Kudan Kaikan are lit by lights installed on the ground, creating a luster in the plaza. The lighting was also designed so visitors could enjoy the gorgeous colors of cherry blossom season.

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